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Announcement! New Careers Talks Initiative!

We are so pleased to launch a new aspect of our engagement programme: Career talks! The talks, suitable for students from Transition Year upwards, are the perfect way to engage future geoscientists with real scientists across the country.

Fourteen scientists from across the island of Ireland have signed up to the initiative so far. The scientists come from a huge range of career backgrounds, and they are looking forward to speaking to Irish students about their career journeys to date.

To engage with the new initiative, interested parties can first peruse the new section of the website and learn more about the scientists. When you’ve decided on the scientist (or scientists!) you’d like to speak to your school/college, simply contact Girls into Geoscience – Ireland and we will liaise with you and the scientist(s) to set up a talk at a time and place that works for everyone.

It couldn’t be simpler to get involved, so check out the new initiative and sign up now!

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