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Get into Geoscience 

Who are we?

Get into Geoscience - Ireland is a programme which aims to introduce Irish second level students to the geosciences. 

What do we do?

Get into Geoscience has two strands, our Transition Year programme and our Careers Talks. You can learn more about both of these programmes via the links. Both of these strands allows you to engage directly with geoscientists to learn more about the world of geoscience and the wealth of careers open to geoscience graduates today.

Weren't we called something else before?

Yes! We used to be Girls into Geoscience - Ireland, but after engaging with our target audience we decided that this title didn't allow us to be inclusive enough. Get into Geoscience is open to anyone that is interested in the geosciences, no matter their gender, age or anything else!

​Girls into Geoscience Internationally

Girls into Geoscience – Ireland has been inspired by the very successful Girls into Geoscience programme led by the University of Plymouth. Girls into Geoscience has expanded in recent years to include events in Scotland and Wales, as well as a junior chapter in LeicesterA fantastic article on the growth and transition from a local to an international event of Girls into Geoscience can be found here.

Image Gallery

Loughshinney Folds
Event Day Activities 2019
Virtual GIG attendees
UCC Geology Garden
Galway Inspiration
Dublin 2019
Galway 2018
Cork 2018
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